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YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest social media platform which has cemented its niche as the top video sharing website all over the globe. Even, it pulls out more searches in comparison to Yahoo and Bing. We are your social media partners who effectively enhance your search ability on this most popular platform by offering the unmatched YouTube marketing services. By our services, we allow you to supercharge your YouTube video promotion and make it a brand among users. Digi Infotech is backed by an adroit online marketing team which works for you to develop a YouTube marketing strategy that helps you out to appear more prominently in YouTube search results. YouTube tracks endless information on your channels video activity, much like Google Analytics tracks the performance of your website. Evaluate the results and data the analytics section of your channel provides you. There is plenty of data that can be easily analyzed, which can help inform you on a number of actionable dimensions and metrics for each video you post.

YouTube analytics data includes the following:

  • Views over time
  • Geographic and demographic reach
  • Playback location
  • Traffic sources
  • Device usage (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Audience retention
  • Engagement reporting:
  • Change in subscribers in relation to video
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Favorites
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Annotation Engagement
  • By analyzing this data and identifying trends, opportunities and pain points, marketers can greatly improve both video production and promotion strategy. The information can provide insights on what types of video content is working best, and what traffic sources are truly providing the most value to the business.

    Why Would You Advertise on YouTube?

    YouTube has a huge following – indeed it enjoys more than 1.5 million logged-in monthly users. They watch YouTube on mobile devices for more than one hour a day on average. With the current popularity of Smart T.V.s, there has also been a rapid rise in watching YouTube on television sets. It is also hard to ignore the fact that the YouTube search engine is second only to Google when it comes to search use. With the power of Google AdWords behind it, it should be no surprise that YouTube is now a favorite medium for advertisers worldwide. The only difficulty from a budgeting perspective is that there is no explicit price rate for YouTube ads cost. However, this is not any different from many other types of online advertising. The general rule online seems to be that you bid for advertising space and the highest bidder is typically accepted.


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